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All Day - DW Fitness and Dance Classes @ Dancers' Workshop

Booty Barre with Kate @ 9:00am
Zumba Fitness with JC @ 10:00am
Beginning Salsa @ 6:30pm
Intermediate / Advanced Salsa @ 7:45pm

6:00 pm - Old Time Jazz @ Teton Pines Restaurant and Lounge

Papa Chan and Johnny C Note play Old Time Jazz every Friday from 6-9 at Teton Pines Restaurant and Lounge.
Papa Chan sings those timeless tunes from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, backed up by himself on guitar and Johnny C Note on upright bass.
Come out for the new, creative additions to the menu, or the great service, or the classic, acoustic music, or a weekly gathering of friends, or a quiet drink, or a danceā€¦